Accounting Template

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What does this include?

This is a spreadsheet that makeup artists can use to track income, expenses, and also mileage as well. This will provide you with all the necessary documentation to effortlessly file year end business taxes. 


What do I need to use this template? 

Just a google account! This template was created using Google Sheets so that anyone can access it on any device. It can be used on your computer, tablet, or phone. 


Can this template be customized?

For sure! You'll have to make a copy of the document after clicking the link, but once you have made the copy, you can change anything you'd like!


Can I get a refund after purchasing?

Since this is a digital product, no refunds can be given.  However, please fill out a contact form on my website if for some reason you did not get an email with the document download link.